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Why Full Circle Movement?

I sometimes get asked why someone should come to Full Circle Movement for a treatment when it is possible to get a massage cheaper down the road.


Obviously the choice lies with the individual. You should always go to where you feel comfortable, both in terms of what is provided and the cost, and I promise I won’t be offended if you decide to go with a cheaper option down the road.


But let me explain what you get for your money.


I hold a level 5 qualification in soft tissue therapy, (the industry is slowly trying to move away from the term “sports massage” as we don’t massage sports and the treatments that we provide are beneficial to everyone, not just sports people). The level 5 qualification is the highest qualification that is available in massage. As part of this qualification, we learn not just how to treat the symptoms, but how to identify the root cause of the problem. We also learn advanced techniques to then correct underlying issues and how to give you the skills to stop the problem returning. A level 5 qualification also means that I can treat the more difficult cases, the stubborn ones that need a little more thought, understanding and detective work where others may not have been able to help.


This allows me to get you to a better place, (take you full circle and get you moving for life). When I can get you to the point where you don’t need to keep coming to me for treatment sessions because we have fixed the root cause, and I have given you all the information and skills that you need to stop the problem coming back, I know that I will have done a good job, even if that means that you don’t need to come in to see me and pay me money.


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Email: [email protected]               Tel: 0777 004 7084