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Special Requirements



Kevin will always do his best to accommodate anyone experiencing a disability whether physical or mental, temporary or permanent, to access his treatments and training at the same high level. Home visits are available if required and modifications to massage techniques and exercises can usually be found. Please do not hesitate to discuss your requirements with Kevin.


Kevin is Autism Aware and has knowedge of Sensory Processing Disorder; he is happy to alter the clinic environment to aid the comfort of someone with Autism and/or SPD e.g. low lighting, quiet, fragrance free massage balms. Aids such as a weighted blanket are also available for use in the clinic. If you require this service, please request it when booking your appointment so that suitable arrangements can be made for you. This addition to our regular service is free of charge.





At Full Circle, we understand the need for some people to avoid certain ingeredients such as nuts, artificial fragrances or beeswax due to allergy. We offer various massage mediums so if you have an allergy please discuss this with Kevin before your treatment. All ingredients of the massage mediums are available on request.



Vegan & Vegetarian


Vegan and vegetarian massage mediums are also fine. Kevin always uses a natural beeswax suitable for vegetarians unless an alternative is requested. He always has a vegan option available, usually this would be avocado oil.

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Email: [email protected]               Tel: 0777 004 7084