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Soft Tissue Therapy


Soft Tissue Therapy is the name that the industry is moving towards instead of sports massage.


So, why the change? In simple terms, we don’t massage a sport. We might well spend time working with sports people to help them recover quicker from competitions or heavy training, but soft tissue therapy is not just limited to sports people. The techniques that are used can be applied to anyone, whether they are active sports people, sedentary people with a desk job, or elderly people who need some help with a nagging ache.


In soft tissue therapy we use a range of techniques, from traditional massage techniques to advanced techniques like MET, NMT, fascial release, to create the required effect within a muscle or other soft tissue (tendons, ligaments, fascia).


Alongside this, a soft tissue therapist will be skilled in diagnosing postural issues that can help to identify the real root cause of an issue. Other massage practitioners may not be able to do this.



What we treat and provide


Soft Tissue Therapy can be used to treat a large range of common aches and pains that most people just struggle on with. The nagging low back ache, or ache around the neck and shoulders can normally be easily sorted with a combination of soft tissue therapy techniques, and simple remedial exercises.


Equally, if you have injured yourself in a fall, or from taking part in a sport, soft tissue therapy can be used to help treat the injury, helping you to heal better and quicker.


If you are unsure as to whether I can help you or not, please phone or e-mail and I will be happy to discuss whatever issue you may be having. You will then be able to make an informed decision on whether to book a treatment. Most times, I will be able to provide help, and if I can’t, I may be able to point you in the direction of another therapist who can.





I offer taping for injury rehabilitation and for events, whether you are local to the area or just visiting to compete. Depending on where the event is, I may be able to meet you on location for taping prior to the event or for massage afterwards. I also offer a full service to clubs and groups at events. Please ask for further details.



Personal Training


In addition to the Soft Tissue Therapy, I am also qualified as a personal trainer. If you are looking to get fitter, are preparing for a charity challenge, or find gyms intimidating, I can train you in the great outdoors, (lots of fresh air), or even in some circumstances in your own home or back garden. My skills as a personal trainer also enable me to provide remedial exercises where required to aid in your recovery.


For further information on this, please take a look at our personal training page.



GP Referral


I am fully qualified to offer a GP referral scheme for fitness & personal training. Please ask for details.



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Email: [email protected]               Tel: 0777 004 7084