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I.W. - Swimming Coach

"I was recommended by a friend to seek out help from Kevin at Full Circle Movement for my shoulder pain. I had been suffering with sharp pain when moving my shoulders and it was particularly bad at night inhibiting my sleep. As an avid surfer and swimmer I had already sought help from 5 other professionals over the previous 18 months including physiotherapists and sports therapists but with no avail. I was willing to keep searching for some answers but I was beginning to lose hope.


Kevin did no exercise with me for the first session but asked questions and listened to my replies instead. People say I can be pretty impatient at times and I can’t deny it, so you can imagine how hard it was to wait for the next session for Kevin’s assessment and exercise program to start.


Kevin had written me a simple, easy to follow exercise program including stretching for my problem area. Keeping it simple and focussing on the correct movement pattern of the exercise rather than lifting heavy weights allowed me to explore the exercises in my own time and comfort. I was shocked at how quickly my body responded and this gave me even more motivation to continue. In the follow up session Kevin made sure I knew the exercises and again encouraged me to focus on the correct way to do the exercise.


Kevin was very knowledgeable on his subject, clear in his explanations and demonstrations but most impressive was his ability to listen and understand not only what was needed to help my shoulders but also the type of program that would suit me.


Incredibly, my shoulders responded within a couple of weeks and the pain dropped dramatically and I started sleeping better. My surfing and swimming improved and I was so excited I asked Kevin to add a simple core workout to help keep the progress going.


I honestly can not recommend Kevin’s approach and knowledge enough. 5 stars."


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Email: [email protected]               Tel: 0777 004 7084