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Frequently Asked Questions



What do I wear?


Most areas of the body will be massaged directly onto the skin, so something that can be easily removed is ideal. We provide nice comfortable towels that we will use to cover any areas that are not being worked on. A lot of people also prefer to wear shorts during their treatment (running shorts are ideal). These can be easily rolled up or down to allow access into the hamstrings, quads and lower back areas They also allow you to maintain a sense of modesty and dignity, whilst still allowing access to the full length of the muscle. A small changing area is provided.


Can I bring someone with me?


Of course. If you feel more comfortable having a friend or partner accompany you during your treatment session, please do bring them along, they will be more than welcome. Full Circle Movement are very aware that lying on a treatment couch whilst covered with towels can be a bit intimidating. If having a friend or partner with you during your treatment will help you to feel relaxed and comfortable, we are very happy to have them here.


How often will I need to see you?


This will depend upon the injury that you have, and can be discussed with your therapist. You may find that one treatment significantly improves the problem. However, others find that a series of sessions are more beneficial. Sometimes regular maintenance sessions are useful e.g. if you are regularly participating in competitive sport or you carry out a strenuous job. This enables you to keep your body in peak performance & prevent injuries.


I do not speak English, can I bring an interpreter with me?


Yes, of course. Kevin has started to learn Welsh but can only exchange basic information using this language and so currently conducts sessions in English.





What are your qualifications/professional membership?


I hold a Level 2 Gym Instructors qualifications, a Level 3 Personal Trainer qualification, a Level 3 Exercise Referral qualification, FMT 1 & 2 Taping (Rocktape) and a Level 5 Diploma in Soft Tissue Therapy.


I am a member of The Register of Exercise Professionals, The Institute of Sports and Remedial Massage 

I abide by the RePS & ISRM Codes of Conduct.





I’m not into sport but I’ve hurt my back, can I still see you?


Absolutely. Sports massage is not just for elite athletes. Whether you are a competitive athlete, a builder, gardener, drummer, guitarist or none of the above, if you have tight aching muscles, then we can help.


Will it hurt?


Sports massage can involve applying deep pressure into the body of a muscle, and this can sometimes be uncomfortable. However, we are not here to hurt you and create pain. Your therapist will ask you about the amount of pressure being used during your treatment to make sure it is not excessive for you as an individual.


Do you treat children?


Yes. children can benefit from sports massage in the same way that adults do. However, for safeguarding reasons, anyone 16 years old and under is required to be accompanied by either a parent, legal guardian or other responsible adult. If you are 16 or 17 years old it is recommened that you attend with a chaperone or parent / legal guardian. I also hold a current DBS certificate.


I have experienced cancer can you still help me?


There are restrictions for massage in cases of cancer. The short answer is yes, but only if you have clearance from your consultant. Please ask for further details.


I am interested in massage as palliative care for a relative. Is this something you would consider?


I assess palliative care cases on an individual basis. Please ask for further details.





I am disabled, can you still help me?


The simple answer is probably, yes. I assess every case on an individual basis and try to find ways around any difficulty so that I can do my best for you. The initial assessment if you are disabled is free in the clinic or £10 if a home visit to accertain whether I can help.


How accessible is your treatment room?


My clinic is located in a dedicated room at my private home. You are able to park on the driveway a few metres away from the entrance. The treatment room is on the ground floor there are 3 individual steps to access the room however arrangements can be made for wheelchair access on request. Treatment takes place on a therapy couch for which I can assist you to get on and off if you require. I will endeavour to find ways round mobility difficulties to do my best for you. It should be no barrier to treatment. If necessary, I can make arrangements to visit you in your home to provide the same level of treatment. Unfortunatley, our toilet is situated on the first floor. We live in an old C19th cottage and have been unable to rectify this.


Do you treat vulnerable adults?


Yes. The individual requiring treatment must willingly consent to the process and be accompanied by a parent, legal guardian or other responsible adult / chaperone.


I am Autistic / have Sensory Processing Disorder, can you accomodate me?


Yes we can. We are Autistic and SPD aware. In the clinic we are able to use low level lighting. The space is very quiet and we do not use strong or artificial fragrances or cleaning fluids. We ask all clients not to wear these items when attending appointments so as not to leave stong fragrances in the clinic environment. The clinic has a weighted blanket available for clients to use. Kevin is also aware of potential issues around touch and proximity and is mindful of this during teatment. He will always make sure you are comfortable and know what is going to happen before each part of your treatment. Please contact him to discuss your individual requirments.





Can I pay with a card?


Yes, you can. Chip and pin facilities are available to make card payments, and cash is also accepted.



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