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E.F. - Triathlete

"I am a competitive Triathlete and have been trying to advance further in my sport. Over the last three months I have undergone treatment with Kevin Redgrave for muscle soreness and muscle imbalances in my body. After the first treatment I saw an improvement in my posture and a slight correction in my gait while standing. This has gone on to significantly improve and has helped me to correct my form while competing and has reduced some of the pain felt in my knee from an old injury. I was also suffering from migraine and tightness in my shoulders and neck which was more pronounced when exercising. After the initial treatment I found that my migraines have reduced in frequency.


Kevin was extremely professional and listened to my complaints from general muscle soreness due to my training regime to the underlying imbalances that aggravated my performance and recovery.


I have seen a lot of sports related therapists in different capacities over the years however it has always been important that I feel at ease with the person carrying out my treatment. I felt comfortable with Kevin he was particularly good at putting me at ease and explained what he was doing and why in depth. Not only did this reassure me it also extended my knowledge and helped me form a good preventative plan in order to keep the little niggles away. If you are looking to fix underlying issues that are holding you back performance wise or just to relieve some muscular discomfort I would recommend Kevin to help you overcome this."


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Email: [email protected]               Tel: 0777 004 7084